Starting point for my works is writing and language.
Texts or poems are combined with a fragments of information or personal experiences.
I develop systems like puzzles in which many small parts come together to form a larger unit.
Pseudo scientific objects and structures challenge the myth of mandatory objective science.

Working with transparent glass is like working with something which is not really there – an almost invisible solid –
however it is a potentially dangerous material - it can burn or cut you. Consequently glass becomes a strong symbolic
metaphor for the invisible dangers, the hidden threats in our lives.

A word can be an ambiguous thing, it can have a whole universe of meanings and can often be used in apposing
situations. The most beautiful words have been abused most often in connection with political, economical
or historical events.

Some works, reminiscent of gloves or praying mills, transform the material from being the usually expected
'fragile glass', this coupled with the texts that are on the individual elements creates a contradictory situation where
the viewer feels able to play with things which because of their fragility are usually untouchable. While wearing or
turning the glass elements one can read a word, or a sentence, or a never ending poem. The seemingly chaotic
collection lettertypes and texts, turns out to be a complex story always inviting re-interpretations.