"Ditto," Said Tweedledum "Ditto, ditto," Said Tweedledee.
(Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking- Glass,1871)

The hanging installation Luuclemomypoc (copy-molecule) was made for the exhibition space DordYart, a former machinefactory, whose industrial and at the same time light flooded atmosphere inspired me to continue with the Exploration of Simulacrum.
This installation was made possible by a grant from the commission of Bernardine de Neeveprize which I received alongside with Jan van Den Dobbelsteen and Sylvie Vandenhoucke.
In this work I take the idea of simulacra one step furthter, whereby the copying of the original is coninued to a level, where the copy becomes the reality itself.

year: 2015
material: glass, wire
size per object: H 100 X W 75 X D 50 cm
photos: R. Zijlstra